It is barely named in your average travel guide. Its nickname is ‘shit-island’. On top of that, the wind blæser (blows) like a maniac here.


I personally can’t be bothered by all these prejudices, because, to be honest, they separate the cool from the ugly. Only the ones that have dared to read beyond their travel guides will cross the harbour and find their way into ‘my’ hood at the southern end of town. The rest remains in hyped Vesterbro.

But. As I believe that you, lovely readers of my blog, deserve a free insider’s tip, here are my 16 reasons why you should de-fi-ni-te-ly head to Amager.

Things to do

1. It has a beach. Not just your average one, but one with crystal-clear seawater.

2. It has a swimming pool in the sea. Shaped like the shell of a snail (it is called sneglen – the snail). How cool is that?

3. It has a yoga festival on the beach (end of August), and outdoor summer yoga in the snailpool.

4. You may have missed it. Just like I did. But there’s a humongous island just off the coast off Amager. Flat as Holland, but filled with exotic species. I’ve never done it myself, but it is super high on my wish list. In short: Saltholm is the Galapagos of Denmark: uninhabited and only reached by hitching a ride on a local fishing boat. Read more here.

5. If you want a little less sea and a little more green, cows, Scottish highlanders, and elephants (haha, Fool’s day!) and even more wilderness: Amagerfælled. Countless trees, bushes and beautiful views; very much worth the bikeride.

6. While you’re on your bike: pedal on to Dragør. Pronounce drau-W-eur. Especially to history fans and people with a great general interest, this is a very interesting place, because this is the place where, in 1515, the Danish King invited the Dutch to work the land on Amager. The Dutch were world-renowned farmers, after all, and the Danes themselves didn’t have enough to eat. So there they came, the Hollænder, growing carrots and potatoes. Still, you will find Dutch family and street names scattered all over the place. And am I very wrong, thinking the inspiration for Frau Antje comes from here?

Food and drink

7. The jolly centerpiece of Amager, if you ask me: Ingolfs Kaffebar. For lunch, homemade cakes, dinner, live music, crazy / funky beers.

8. And MADMANIFESTEN. The brunch! The brunch!

9. And formidable Komsurabel. Coffee and homemade cookies. In a tiny, student-like but cosy setting. I think they’re cute.

10. And now the real, serious food: Sundy Sejlforening (yes, the restaurant of the local sailing club). We smuggled ourselves (and our family) into this place on our wedding day, when we had a break. It made us get away from the hustle and bustle of the day, consuming divine and dirt-cheap smørrebrød and herring trio. Advantage: except the local sailing community in their ancient attire, no one has been able to hype this yet. And that wont happen anytime soon either. Another advantage: it brings you back into the eighties, for free. Another advantage: you’re right next to the beach.

11. Alternative brunch place: Wulff + Konstali. If you really, really can’t live without being surrounded by hipsters.

12. And of course, if it happens to be o’clock somewhere and you’re not accidentally hanging out at Ingolfs: Amager Ølhus. A good old beer house, nothing fancyschmancy, just beer and wooden chairs. Right next to it you can go to Jaguar: a real Danish bodega. What that is? Well. Try it yourself. Or ask the real Amar’kaner that you will encounter there.

Buy Buy Buy

13. Find yourself some nice quirky but second-hand design. You’re in Copenhagen, you know. So all must be used, recycled, polished and brushed back into life again. Have a loot at LebenCPH for example. Or at SmuktBrugt. Or in the corner of Holmbladsgade.

14. It has this kind streets. Who needs rainbows when you have this?

15. There is a church. A typical Danish model. Sleek styled and a gem to watch. If you need a moment of serenity, take a walk around in the accompanying graveyard.

16. It has an international airport only five minutes away by metro (assuming you might want to leave again, at some point).

17. It ain’t Danish if you can pronounce it easily. Well, here you go. Amager is not pronounced A-mea-gurr but Ama’r. And that is what makes Denmark such a wonderfully confusing place to be. Nothing is what it seems.


All in one overview?

Sure! See below or click here.